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I´m going to talk about a rap group, that is not very famous in Spain or England but, is very successful in France! The group is called, "1995"("un neuf neuf cinq" in french), due to the golden year for the american rap, and is composed by 5 rappers and a beatmaker.The group was founded in the south of  Paris, and his original name was P.O.S. This group was founded in 2008, and now a days they continue singing in all of the parts of France. In the lyrics, they talk about the socials problems and the things that happen in the streets of Paris. They had made three albums:
-La Source (2011)
-La Suite (2012)
-Paris Sud Minute(2013)

The group was established by Alpha Wann and Areno Jaz, and years later, the others joined in the rap group.
Little by little, they are more famous, and the people of others countries had listened their songs, and the most of them love their songs.

I know this group beacause, few weeks ago, our class made an exchange with a high school of France,and my correspondant and the others guys show me the songs of this group and, I love the songs!
The guys of this group are:






- DJ LO:

Raúl Iniesta Serrano

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