domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

How to be an Ironman.

In the world there are a lot of different sports, some of them are more diffiult than others but, what's is the hardest sport?

Well, in my opinon this question has a possible answer: the Ironman.

When we talk about Ironman, we are not talking about the film, we refer to a type of triathlon but in an extreme way, this mixure of sports is formed by a race in which the athlete has to swim 4 km, to cycle 180 km and finally to run a marathon (42,2 km); but not during all your live, the athlete has to do it in less than 17 hours.

This “type of die” has their beginnings in Hawaii, where the most important Ironman race takes place. It's not very common to see an Ironman race, the're only few cities that are able to organize it. Here in Spain, people who are interested in participate in one of this races, have the possibility of doing it in Lanzarote.

It is not necessary to say that to take part in an Ironman you have to spend several months with a hard level of training, in all the differents sports that the triathlon is composed by.

From my own point of view I think that it's necessary to make a great physical effort to finish one of these races, but I like the sport and challenges so I wish that one day I will cross that finish line and became in an Ironman.

Here's a comedy video about a men who took part in an Iroman race and achieved his goal.

Edu Espinosa Celdrán

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