domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

The ugly truth.

Today we talk about responsibility, freedom, equality, justice, solidarity... but why? I mean, we talk, talk and talk but we don't do anything. People try to be something that they aren't only to fit in. That's why our society doesn't function.
The problem starts in the education we give to children. It is based in the freedom and in the responsibility that they're going to have when they grow up, but, is it true? It is suppose that you win freedom when you're older and maybe because of that children want to be teenagers and enter in the high school because they think there they can do all they want. I also thought that, it was like 'It will be amazing, we're going to the high school, now we're teenagers and we can be freer than in the school' but I was wrong. High school is like school or even worst. You can't do anything. I'm not saying that they should eliminate all the rules because we need rules but we need useful rules.
For example, in my high school if you want to go to the toilet your teacher has to sign in your diary asking for the keys. With that they ‘prevent’ students that smoke in the toilets. 
You can’t go out. At first you think it’s good but if someone wants to go out he will find the way to go out, and if you forbid something it will be more attractive and there will be more people who wants to do it.
You can’t fill the bottle of water. That is too stupid. You have to die of thirst because is forbidden use the fountain.
There are more and more but we don’t obey all the rules because some of them are a little bit stupid.With that I’m trying to say that we teach children to be responsible but we don’t give them the opportunity to be it because we don’t allow them to do what they want. This doesn’t occur only with children, also adults have to obey the law so, are we really free?

                                                                                     Laura Vera Costa.

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