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                                               Koran  and science
At first, i am going to tell you the different sacred books which are in Islam:

  1. Zaboor or the books of psalms was revealed upon the prophet David.
  2. Torah or the old testament was revealed upon the prophet Moses.
  3. The new testament or Injeel was revealed upon the prophet Jesus.
  4. Koran was revealed in arab upon the prophet Muhammad.
But in islam, we use the Koran because is the latest one, and we consider it the only sacred book  which did not changed by anyone. In the Koran there are many scientific miracles, how is possible that this book knew some scientific facts which we discovered right now?

My personal answer is that one God is behind  all these things which happen in the universe. Because the prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H did not study and he was orphan. For that i believe in this religion because it answers me all my questions.One the miracles is the big bang theory that appears in the Koran:
  • “Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke...” (Quran 41:11)

  • “Have not those who disbelieved known that the heavens and the earth were one connected entity, then We separated them?...” (Quran 21:30)
This verses of the Koran, show us that the heavens and the earth were formed and connected in the smoke.After that the almighty Allah separated them. Is that the big bang theory?
with all my respects to  the chemists and physicits, i say to them that this book have known that the atoms were divisibles, before 1434 years. In this verse show this truth:

Al Qurtubi
{Surely Allah does not do injustice to the weight of tharratin} means that Allah will not short them of any reward based on their deeds even if it was the weight of a Tharrah ...
And Tharrah is: the red ant; according to Ibn Abbas and others, and it’s the smallest of ants. And Ibn Abbas also stated that it is the head of an ant. (Arabic source)
{Surely Allah does not do injustice to the weight of tharratin}. He does not decrease the reward nor increase the punishment of a deed the size of a Tharrah, which is a small ant. (Arabic source)

This book is awesome because it contains a lot of scientific facts. For that i want to continue my studies in science even is difficult to me. My aim is compare the Koran with the current science. The konwledge is amzing.In the Koran there is also arabic literature, and all the rules of arab are based in the Koran.

For example to read the koran you have to respect the rules.We the muslims we must study the Koran by heart. You have a video of how reading Koran:  

Also you have here a video about the miracles of the Koran:


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