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A mermaid is a beautiful woman with fish tail instead of legs. Actually, we think that  mermaids are in stories and are fictional characters. But it may be different.

In 2000, a lot of dead whales appeared in the beach of Washington  (this is called stranding). The deaths were produced by the navy with powerfuls sonars. Two friends who was in the beach said that they found a body. Then the navy hidden the body with the remains of the whales, and the boys changed their statement.

In 2004, Brayan McCorney, Paul, Rebecca a group of biologiste were investigating this stranding, they dicovered in the bodies of whales stranges objects like spears. But these objects were not new. Many fishermen had found these spears at high seas. Also the group of biologists recorded a sound of an animal without identifying. With evidence of damage to the sonar and the recording, they wanted that the navy removed the sonars because they were killing the wales and probably a new type of animal.

After that, the the doctor McCorney with his team went to a stranding, in Africa coast
The doctor Dittman the director of biology of South Africa showed a shark next to a strange body. The body had a part of dolphin, other like a seal and peculiars bones. This white shark had nailed a stingray sting. But this shark didn’t eat these animals. 

In a laboratory Brayan, Paul, Rebecca was reconstructing the body, they think that the animal was a dolphin but there were bones which they couldn’t rebuild. Also carved wooden pieces was found with the body. The doctor Stephen Pearsall help the team with their problem. They discovered that the animal had a tail fish, pelvis and phalanges hands like a human.
The wood with the stingray sting, was a part of a spears maked by this strange animal. The skull of the animal could produce sounds similar to dolphins and this was the sound that the doctor McCorney had recorded long time ago.

This was the last test which confirmed it was a mermaid.

Álvaro Romero Martínez

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