domingo, 2 de junio de 2013


When you are a child one of the first things that you learn is that the living things born, grow, reproduce and die, but my question is: do children really believe in death? 
All of them know the word but not the meaning, no one never believe that he or some loved one are going to die at some moment. When they start to thinking this, they stop wishing grow and don’t want to be adults to not die. They prefer imagine that they are going to be children forever and never is going to arrive their hour.  But this doesn’t occur only with the children, also the adults think this. There are some innocent adults that believe they will live forever.
People usually avoids the topic, they don’t want to name, but why? Why after all this time nobody sees death as something natural? I think that it is to avoid the anxiety produced by not knowing when we or loved one will die, or for the suffering that produces losing someone that you love. But, if before or after it is going to occur, wouldn't it be better make us aware? Maybe yes, in this way we wouldn't hurt so much the death, or maybe no, because we would live always afraid that we may die. I think the best would be to have an intermediate point, can talk about death naturally, but also live without the fear of dying.
It is clear that death is always going to be a taboo topic, no one likes the idea of die, is not it?


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