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Myth of Oedipus

                                                  Myth of Oedipus:


Oedipus: Son of Laius and Jocasta left to die after birth due to a prophecy, the heir to the throne of Thebes which unconsciously accede after killing his own father and king of Thebes at that time, fulfilling the prophecy had predicted years ago an oracle to his father why Oedipus murder him.

Creon: in the work happens to be the brother of Jocasta. The position assumed in events is that at death seizes the throne Oedipus not leave it to the child Oedipus, Eteocles who at the time was the rightful king. In a battle died the two brothers Eteocles and Polynices and retook the throne refused Creon decreed that burial rites to those who had fought against the city.
His virtues and qualities are that it is a passive man, able to solve problems and play a good ruler and is also characterized by being a self confident individual, bold and firm convictions.

Tiresias: He  was in charge of announcing the prophecies to Oedipus and knew very well take the role to make life a little impertinent Oedipus. He was blind by stating that Athena had seen while bathing.

Jocasta: Personally Yocastanos character we imagine as a woman very sentimental, dramatic and solidarity. We think it was OK to not want him to hurt his own son trying not realized he had killed his father and Jocasta did his best to help but when suicide for not having achieved their objective is me the dumbest way to lose your life and also a "get out of trouble," that no one deserves.

                                      the history

 King of Thebes,son of  Laius and Jocasta, king and queen of Thebes respectively. An oracle warned Laius would be killed by his own son. Determined to evade his fate, tied the feet of his newborn son and left to die on a lonely mountain. His son was picked up by a shepherd and given to the king of Corinth, who gave the name of Oedipus (swollen foot) and adopted it as his own son. The boy did not know he was adopted and, when an oracle proclaimed that he would kill his father, he left Corinth. During his journey, he found and killed Laius, believing that the king and his companions were a band of thieves and so unexpectedly fulfilled prophecy. Alone and homeless, Oedipus arrived at Thebes, beset by a horrible monster, the Sphinx, who walked the roads leading to the city, killing and devouring all travelers who could not answer the riddle posed them. When Oedipus solved the riddle correctly, the sphinx committed suicide. Believing that King Laius had died at the hands of unknown assailants, and grateful traveler about to deliver the monster, the Thebans rewarded him doing his king and queen Jocasta giving wife. For many years the couple lived happily, unaware that they were actually mother and son. Soon Oedipus inadvertently discovered that he had killed his father. Troubled by her incestuous life, Jocasta committed suicide and Oedipus when he realized she had been killed, took off his eyes and left the throne. He lived in Thebes several years but eventually banished. THIS IS ALL.
                                                   hope you like the myth


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