miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

A Walk to Remember

In 2002 he filmed the movie "A Walk to Remember" in the United States. This film is a romantic drama of adolescence. The movie is that James, a teenager, is punished at school and has to go on Saturday morning to help with study problems. One day he finds he has to participate in a theater and he can not act. London, the last person they fall in love jaime, decides to help. Over time, the boy was falling in love with Landon and Landon was falling in love with him. Jaime was not afraid to criticism of his friends because what I felt for her was more important than that. Finally, Landon has to talk to Jaime because she has lucemia and she did not respond to treatment. Jaime assimilates that she is ill. That summer, they were married in the church that she wanted and soon after, she died.

"Love is always patient and kind, never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. Never rude or selfish. Never offended nor spiteful. Love does not delight in others sins but delights in the truth. always ready to excuse, to trust, to feel hope and to endure whatever befalls. "
Cristina Rodríguez González.

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