domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

An unforgettable experience

For almost two years, our class has made contact with some French students from Calvisson (Languedoc-Roussillon), but we had to wait until the 13th of April to meet them. It took just a few hours to connect with our pen-friends and as a group in general too, and to make the week we spent with them an experience that we will never forget. From the first day we saw them on the bus to go back to France, we were counting down the remaining days to see them again. The 11th of May we departed to Calvisson, and there, we had the chance to know the French culture and habits, and of course to practice and improve the language, but we were also lucky to be in a small village between two big cities: Nîmes, which count on important monuments as "Les Arenes", "Tour Magne", "The maison carré" and "Le pont du Gar", and Montpellier, with other monuments as " La place de la Comédie”, "Le théâtre municipal”, “La fontaine des Trois Graces”... We also had the chance to visit Aigues Mortes, a really beautiful medieval village, and enjoy a boat ride in La Camargue, where horses and bulls are awesome. But above all, for these two weeks that Calvisson and El Palmar have spent together we get an unforgettable experience, full of fantastic moments and great friends. In a very short time we have created links that are not going to be easily broken and that we are sure it will be forever, because more than classmates we have been friends, and beyond being friends, we have become one big family, and neither distance nor time can break that. Cati, Veronique and other people who have made this exchange possible, thank you very much; we have live one of the best experiences that we have had and we will have in all our lives.

María Cabezas González

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