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What do you think? Will there be more changes in the world? Will more kind of animals exist in our planet?

Different scientists ,at first , they thought that the kind of living things was created by God and they thought that the organisms didn´t change.
Always our world has been influenced by the theory´s religious and always It has mistaked.
This is true because we come from the monkeys and we have evolucionated  , we can find different evidences how the monkeys have a tail and we have the space of the back the (cosis) without use and also we have the appendix , they  ate a lot of vegetables and they need a long intestine to digest the aliments, with the time this organ has lost the use  because the population of the world have changed a diet more varied .
This is more complicated to explain  and they are some examples ...

The theory in animals:
Darwin and Wallace found the same conclusion in a distinct way to explain the evolution and the origin of the living things.To do this first , they had refused the Larmack´s theory .
Darwin travelled around the world during 5 years and he could find the necessary information.

-The food was limited so the living things could not grow and reproduce.So...
Exist between the organisms a war to obtain the survival. If It was born more individuals that food they can find , it would produce a problem between the organisms. The animals that have the best adaptations , they will can survive

-The individuals of a population they have a variability. In the group of the individuals of a same kind they are not identical they have different measure or colour.

-The enviroment selects the best organisms adapted. In a population some organisms have beneficial characteristics that give them an higher probability to survive and also to reproduce.The other part that has a dangerous characteristics they have less probability to survive and to reproduce.

An example in giraffes.
In a population of giraffes the individuals present changes. It will be some individuals with the neck longer than others and the legs too.
In dangerous periods when there is not water , the giraffes with a long neck they can eat the food that is in the highest part of the trees and the others they can´t survive so there will be more animals with a big neck and big legs.
(The giraffes come from antelope so this is the reason that the giraffes have a big measure , they have developped the organs)

If we return to the first quetion , It will be probably that our population will suffer changes .
The technology , probably affects us.

Paula Hernandez Baño

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